Dig Deeper into Data Segments to Create Individualized Engagement

Connections matter more than ever. Customers expect you to understand them, what they want, and deliver amazing 1:1 experiences. But loyalty-driving experiences aren't possible when your data is scattered and locked away in different places. That’s where Mixpanel, a silo-breaking superhero comes to the rescue. Combined with Insider’s AI-powered individualized experience maker, you’ll be able to create more ‘Aha’ moments for your customers and win their hearts forever. Be unstoppable. Create amazing everywhere.

Integrate and Individualize. You already know the silo-breaking power of Mixpanel, get all those amazing capabilities, plus more when you integrate with Insider’s 1:1 engagement-boosting tools.

Better together. This isn’t a one-way integration, it’s a two-way street. Send data back to Mixpanel from Insider and accurately reflect and respond to what customers are doing seamlessly. The new bi-directional integration between Mixpanel and Insider dynamically syncs across systems, allowing you to get the best of both platforms. Data from Insider events are delivered to Mixpanel in real-time, and cohorts from Mixpanel are synced back to Insider automatically. With this partnership, you can frictionlessly incorporate Mixpanel analysis into your Insider campaigns in a simple, automated workflow.


Start Smooth with First-Time Users

Converting first-time users is a challenge most marketers can appreciate. Mixpanel analyzes mobile app users' source and initial behavior, turns them into easy-to-digest insights and actionable segments. Insider enables you to leverage Mixpanel's data to create contextually personalized messages for new users at the right time, on the best channel. Start gaining the attention of the new users with app push notifications and enrich your engagement strategy with gamified in-app templates. Still not biting? Insider's super smart algorithm automatically does the guesswork and selects the next best channel to engage and convert new users.

Improve Retention by Reducing Journey Drop-offs

Send cohort data from Mixpanel (on active users, total time spent on your app, churn rate, and retention rate) to Insider. After you’ve identified where your users drop off, use Insider’s 1:1 marketing individualization tools to engage users between channels and devices. Connect customers immediately (and seamlessly) through Insider with Web Push, Email, App Push, Website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Ads, and SMS. Bi-directional integration enables you to understand the behavioral changes in conversion trends and send rich push notifications to such users via Insider.

Engage High Lifetime Value Customers to Increase Revenue

Power users are people who get repeat value from a mobile app. They interact most with brands and continuously contribute to revenue growth, giving them a higher lifetime value. The definition of a power user can be different by industry and company. For example, a fitness app may define their power user as someone who unlocks 6 sessions per month. Keep an eye on the users who unlock 4 lessons in a month as potential power users that are heavily engaged. Find users that have the most potential to become LTVs in Mixpanel and use Insider’s individualized engagement tools to target them on their preferred channels.

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